Chase Field

Chase Field
Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix, AZ
Date Opened: March 31, 1998 Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Colorado Rockies
Capacity: 48,633
Games Attended: April 6, 2015 Opening Day- San Francisco Giants 5, Arizona Diamondbacks 4 

Location & Accessibility (0-5): 4
Chase Field sits in downtown Phoenix and is easily accessible via public transit. I rode the light rail in from Tempe without any hassle. I imagine parking in the city is a little more difficult but the field is right next to the Suns' arena so I'm sure the city is use to the crowds.

Historic Value (0-5): 2
The stadium is approaching 20 years old and has hosted one World Series, one All-Star Game, and the opening round of the World Baseball Classic. In the 2001 World Series, the Diamondbacks won all four home games, defeating the Yankees by one run in the finale and bringing the only title to Arizona.

Originality (0-5): 3
The design team had to come up with a way to beat Arizona's heat and a retractable roof does a great job of keeping everyone cool. Chase Field's retractable roof was the first in the US and the first with natural grass. The side panels of the stadium open up to allow a nice breeze. The roof can open and close in 4 1/2 minutes. And you can't forget the swimming pool only 415 ft away from home plate, a one of a kind feature in Major League Baseball. Outside the park there is a pavilion with shades made of solar panels.

Fans (0-5): 3
Opening night was packed but not quite a sell-out. A 10-year-old kid helped me get a ball during batting practice, so I'll always be indebted to him.  

Fun Factor (0-5): 3
Great ball park to walk around and take in a game. The atmosphere definitely is better with the roof open. Giant mascots in the form of D-Back's legends roam the stadium pre-game.

Concessions & Restaurants (0-5): 3
It's the only ballpark I've seen with a Chicken and Waffle shop. However, the lines were long at most of the concession stands.

My own Subjectivity (0-5): 3
Overall a fun park but not my favorite. The team lacks a little star-power and the park is almost completely enclosed which drops it down a little from a few of the other parks I have been in. Definitely worth a goal if you are in the Phoenix area. 

Total Score (0-35)= 21

And here is why I love baseball stadiums!