Ballpark Series Criteria

For my ballpark series I will use a points scale to evaluate each stadium on the following criteria:

Location & Accessibility (0-5): Where is the ball park located? How easy is it to access the ballpark via car, public transit, or walking?

Historic Value (0-5): How old is the park? How many World Series and other monumental events has the park hosted?
Originality (0-5): Is the park a cookie-cutter or does it have its own uniqueness?

Fans (0-5): How well do the fans support their team, not just in attendance wise but cheering them on?

Fun Factor (0-5): What does the ballpark offer in the way mascots, celebrations, teams stores, interactive games, music, etc?

Concessions & Restaurants (0-5): Does the food taste good? Is it unique?

My own Subjectivity (0-5): Basically, how much I like the ballpark.

Total Score = (0-35)