Beating BYU!

Simply amazing! The crowd, the game, the 71-61 win over our rival BYU! The whole atmosphere was so cool. I have never seen the line to get into a game be so long, the student section was filled to capacity within minutes. The signs and The Refraction were so rude, hilariously rude. For a while there it was scary as BYU jumped out to an early lead and was even winning at half-time. But the Aggies battled back, making it a night that will not be soon forgotten by all in attendance. The article below and the video above sums it all up! Go Ags!

Brad Rock, Deseret News
Hate not limited to 1 in-state rivalry against BYU

Wild. Woolly. Noisy. Intense.

And all those rude, overbearing fans.

But we're not talking about Max Hall and the Utes.

That's so November.

Wednesday night at the Spectrum, Utah State and BYU resumed their long basketball rivalry with a 71-61 Aggie victory. No, it wasn't particularly friendly. That happens when you start playing one another 104 years ago. A century is a long time to build up a dislike. USU and BYU didn't even play one another in 2007-08 thanks to a scheduling disagreement. So they're not bosom friends.

No real trouble actually occurred, unless you count the fat lip BYU's Jackson Emery got for getting too close to Tai Wesley's elbow. The hate was limited to the ever present Aggie crowd, which included a hefty, bare-chested guy who did an outstanding Chris Farley imitation.


Thus the Aggies pulled off another win in Logan, their 37th straight, where the crowd brings its "A" material for games against BYU.

"The signs come out, the craziness comes out," said Morrill. "Guy takes off his shirt. Hell, it all happens."

Added Morrill, "They might go over the edge a little, but that's OK with me. That might not be OK with everyone, but it's OK with me. They might have gone over the edge, so what?"

The fat guy had sung, having shown once again that when it comes to rivalries in Utah,there's plenty of hate to go around.


  1. i agree that line was awful long. i was freezing. it was a great fun game!!!


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