Take Me Out to the Ballpark

Five years ago, on this very day, I was in Anaheim, CA and at one of the most magical places on earth. No, not Disneyland, just down the rode at Angel Stadium attending my first major league baseball game.

I still remember entering the home plate gates, walking through the concourse and taking my first glance at the beautifully manicured field; the grass was a perfect green and mowed in a criss-cross pattern, the infield dirt was a sparkling brown after being watered down and raked my the groundskeeper. The smell of hot dogs and other concessions filled the air. There were sounds of bat cracking as majors leaugers took batting practice and of people joyfully laughing and talking as they made their way to their seats. The ballpark was abuzz with life.

And that's what baseball stadiums really are, they are ballparks. Different than where other professional or college sports are played, a ballpark is unique. For starters, all ballparks have different dimensions in the outfield; from Fenway Park's Green Monster to Wrigley Field's ivy covered brick walls to new Yankee Stadium's short right field porch.

Each ballpark also has it's own atmosphere, it's own local food and own local flair; Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, mascot sausage races at Miller Park in Milwaukee, the Tomahawk Chop at Turner Field in Atlanta, Coors beer at Coors Field in Denver, the singing of Sweet Caroline in the middle of the eighth at Fenway.

From that day when I entered Angel Stadium five years ago, it has been a goal of mine to attend a game at each and every major league ballpark and I plan to blog about them all! Be sure to look for upcoming posts in the Ballpark Series


  1. I love this. So much. I need to be back at BOB (though technically Bank One is now Chase... it just sticks) so badly, I'm going crazy! Love it :)


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