Coors Field

Coors Field
Home to the Colorado Rockies
Denver, CO
Date Opened: April 26, 1995- Colorado Rockies 11, New York Mets 9
Capacity: 50,381
Game Attended: May 10, 2010 Rockies vs. Philadelphia Phillies 5-9<

Location & Accesibility (0-5): 4
Located in downtown Denver the park is within walking distance from many of the cities hotels, about a ten minute walk from where we stayed at the Marriott City Center. The "LoDo" district where the ballpark is located has a nice feel with many unique shops, restaurants and bars.

Historic Value (0-5): 2
Originality (0-5): 4
A fairly new park but has already had the fortune of hosting a World Series in 2007 when the Rockies took on the Red Sox. The 1998 All-Star Game was also here. In 1999 the park reset the major league single season home-run record with 303. While building the park workers found a 1000-pound triceratops skull and considered naming the field "Jurassic Park." A ring of seats in the upper deck is purple opposed to green to mark a mile above sea level. Evergreens and fountains are in the outfield, giving the stadium truly a park feel.

Fans (0-5): 3
It was a chilly night when I attended but the fans were still out in pretty good force, just over 30,000. It wasn't near as rowdy of crowd as other ballparks such as Philadelphia or Los Angeles. Originally the park was planned to accommodate 41,000 but after such great turn-outs in the clubs first to season it was expanded to 50,381. That being said attendance must be fairly good on the warmer summer evenings.

Fun Factor (0-5): 3
It was kind of a down night when I attended as the home-team didn't hit any home runs and ended up losing the game. There were plenty of things for fans to take part in such as an interactive broadcast but nothing that stood super out of the ordinary. The mascot is a purple triceratops named Dinger.

Concessions & Restaurants (0-5): 4
One word: Beer. The park is named after a brewing company after all! And I am happy to say I had a Coors at Coors Field, it did taste especially good. The park also has its own micro-brewery/restaurant, the Blue Moon Brewery. To eat I had a pretty good hot dog smothered in onions and peppers called a "Rockie Dog." Rumor has it that they do serve Rocky Mountain Oysters as well but I didn't get the chance to try them.

My own Subjectivity (0-5): 4
It was a great night at the ballpark. Denver has a great atmosphere and I'd really like to return to a game there as its the closest big league field to Idaho/Utah. I definitely recommend that you take in the game there if you have the opportunity.

Total Score (0-35)= 24

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  1. Marcus! I didn't know you had a blog. This is really neat. I like it. We planned on going to a Colorado Rockies game this summer, but they won't be playing at home while we're there. Looks like fun though, besides the beer.
    I LOVE the name of your blog too.
    Good luck.
    Your pal- Tina


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