Back At It

I have returned to Salt Lake City after my series of unfortunate events with the Idaho Golf Association and things have been great ever since. I've made a lot of new friends, enhanced past relationships and gotten to take part in some cool things. This summer I am especially excited about the golf league I joined at Stonebridge. Mondays really aren't going to be that bad now!

Golf is a funny game. It's kinda like life, you are going to make mistakes and sometimes you might do your best but bad things still happen. There is always room for improvement and you can always get better. There is no use dwelling in the past. Get those good swing thoughts in your head and give it another go. I love it.

In the two weeks of league so far, I have hit the ball very well but haven't been able to score. It's amazing how fickle some little things are- birdie putts or carrying the water on a short par three. I am hoping to get my game back to as good as it was in high school.