Marcus, The Intern

Well folks I have been shaking for days, my stomach has been in knots and my mind has been racing. But today at precisely 3pm when my telephone rang, I knew it all would be okay.

Starting last year when I was about to graduate from college I started looking for jobs/internships. I applied for one with the Idaho Golf Association, essentially my dream job. I love business, people, and the game of golf. I couldn't imagine a better career than working in golf administration. Sadly however, the position needed to be filled by April and not graduating until May, it was not a possibility for me at that time.

Fast forward one year, one long year of bartending and accounting, I applied again for the position. And now after a series of interviews and a short telephone conversation I am the newest P.J. Boatwright Jr. Intern for the Idaho Golf Association! I can not express in words how excited I am for this job, it is truly a dream a come true. I look forward to working with and learning from the great staff at IGA!

I will try and keep The 12th Green updated with my experience as it unfolds throughout the summer. It surely will be one I never forget. For more information about the position, check this out and stay tuned for posts!


  1. Marcus! Wow, congratulations! You definitely deserve it! :)


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