November in Review- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good-

Aggie football. A four game win streak and the first bowl bid in 14 years! Robert Turbin is a beast among men out there. Coach Anderson did a great job at rallying the troops after a tough start to the season.

The NBA Lockout is over! After 147 days of negotiations, there will be basketball this year. I didn't think I'd miss the NBA that much but I really have. Obviously the players were starting to miss there paychecks too.

Denver Broncos. Haters going to hate, but week after week, Tim Tebow keeps winning.

The Bad-

Aggie Basketball. It really saddens me to say this, but the Aggies just don't have it together right now. For as long as I have been around Aggie basketball, well that's only about six years, but in that time Utah State has had a system and when players leave, new players fill those spots in that system. Well this year the talent level is different, can't say if its better or worse just different. Up to this point the Ag's haven't figured out what works yet. Hopefully they will get it figured out by the time WAC play rolls around.

The Ugly-

USU apologizing to BYU after the basketball game. This is college basketball, not Jr. Jazz. I am sorry if people were offended, but I was at the game and it was no worse than the other USU/BYU games I have attended before. Nobody was beaten up, nobody left in tears. Athletes like coming to hostile environments and trying to silence the crowd. It makes it exciting. So administrators, let the Spectrum remain a spirited place and if you have a problem with a sign or a students language, take care of it at that moment, have them removed from the game, whatever. Just don't go apologizing later.

USU Student Protest. If there was a "Really, Really Ugly" category this would be in it. Fortunately I wasn't there but last night when the students were quite for the first three minutes of the basketball game for whatever reasons was ridiculous. We are athletic supports, support the athletes and your school. If there is a problem to be resolved, take care of it so that it doesn't effect your team. A young basketball team, as I mentioned before, needs all the help it can get. Give the positive energy, be the 6th man and protest at another time. Maybe sit in your seats after the game when they try to turn out the lights or whatever. If your going to take some credit for wins, ya gotta take some credit for losses.


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