Heartbroken x 3

This is definitely not the blog I wanted to be writing today after attending last night's Utah State/BYU football game in Provo, UT. But lets face it, bad things happen. And if you are a Utah State fan, alumni, support, player, etc. bad things seem to happen just about every time the Aggies take the field.

The Aggies blew a 10-point lead with 3 minutes left to Auburn in the first week of the season, that hurt, but a loss to Auburn was expected. In week 3, the offense and defense played well enough to win but because of two muffed punt returns, Colorado State was able to score in the last minutes to tie the game and win in double overtime. And to cap it all off, last night, with a lead in final minutes once again, that hated team from down south was able to put together a 96 yard touchdown drive against the Ags to win the game with 11 seconds remaining.

What can be done! I can't take anymore heartbreak, this team has the talent and skills to win, they just somehow seem to miraculously lose each and every game! One thing that I think would help would be for Coach Anderson to take given points or at least shots at given points i.e. the extra point in the second overtime of the CSU game and the field goal late in fourth quarter against BYU. When the team wasn't as talented as opponents, trick plays and going for it was fine, but now, I believe we have a good team, we need to take points!

I'll always support the Aggies but its going to take a couple of wins before I make the trek back up to Logan to watch another game. I hope the team has some moral left and can still rally to make a bowl game.

Oh and p.s.- BYU don't say its not a rivalry game anymore. You stormed the field. A win over the Aggies must now mean something!