Golf: A Father/Son Game

(AP Photo: McIlroy's after the 2011 US Open Victory)

First of all a big congrats to Rory McIlroy! What an impressive wire to wire win in the The 111th US Open. If he had been pressed at all near the end of the day, I think he would have dropped a a lot more of those putts and could have easily flirted with 20-under. And what a great scene it was for him to be able to hug his dad after the victory. The older I get the more sentimental I get about stuff like that. Two weeks ago my dad and I played in the Pressbox Scramble/Bestball for the 10th consecuctive year. Even though we aren't as good as we used to be it was still a fun time! I owe so much to my dad and am so happy we have golf and sports to enjoy together among other things.

(Pressbox 2011)


  1. aah fun. I miss golf. Guess what? All the missionaries in our mission got to go to a SOunds baseball game last monght :).
    Hope you are doing well friend!

  2. and by monght i mean month :)


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