Just Another Reason Why I Love Baseball

Samantha and I went down to the Bee's game yesterday afternoon and when the sun was shining it was a perfect day for baseball. It was Sam's first game so we had to do it right. With a bag of peanuts and a Coke we watched the game from right behind the Bee's dugout. A player tossed me a ball when an inning was over and we got a picture with the mascot. Despite the occasional cloud and the Bee's 3-2 loss the afternoon couldn't have gone much better.

On the way out we passed a guy in a Phillies jacket and since I was wearing my Phills sweatshirt we immediately struck up conversation. He was getting married next week and taking his new bride to San Diego to watch the Phillies play. "I hope I am not divorced five days after I get married," he joked. I'm guessing he won't be, watching the Phillies sounds like the perfect honeymoon to me!