Goodbye Deron

Good thing the Aggies didn't have a game last night or yesterday/today might have turned out just as bad as the days in this post.

You know when you get a text message at an odd time from a person and immediately know something is wrong? That is exactly how I felt this morning when I saw I had a message from Wesley Jurkatis. It simply read, "D-Will to Nets! F my life!" Deron Williams was the glue that held the Jazz together and now he is off to New Jersey.

The Jazz will receive Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, 2 first round picks, and $3 million in cash for their superstar but less than two weeks after losing their Hall of Fame coach, I am not really sure what direction the Jazz are headed in. If Williams was the reason Sloan wanted to be done, shouldn't he have done this weeks ago? I doubt that Williams really was the reason, it is just very hard to see both of Utah's icons be gone within weeks of each other.

It looks as if the Jazz are going to try to rebuild, which in the end may not be a bad thing with the a new collective bargaining agreement on tap. The Jazz may just get lucky and use the two potential lottery picks acquired in the trade so shape the organization into what it was with Stockton and Malone in the mid 1990's. Right now there are too many questions with a new coach, who has yet to win his first game, and the loss of the teams star. A lot has happened from that week in November when the team looked unstoppable. It looked like we may be championship contenders, now we are probably more like playoff pretenders.

I do wish the best of luck to D-Will with the Nets. He was great to watch for the five and half years he spent in Utah. Hopefully he can do good things on the east coast as I will remain a fan of his.


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