Auburn's Fairley, Hardly a Champion

First off, I have to say that was one heck of a BCS National Championship game! Congrats to the University of Auburn on a great season!

There was something that disturbed me though and it can be seen in this following clip...

What the heck is Nick Fairley thinking? That is utterly ridiculous and uncalled for. Yes, I know football is a rough game but there is absolutely no need to do that and I personally believe players should not just be flagged and there team given a 15 yard penalty for actions such as this but that the player should be ejected from the game. In any other sport an action like that would result in an ejection. A basketball player wouldn't dare do that unless he was ready to be ejected.

Don't get me wrong, I know emotions are high. I realize there is going to be trash talking in sports. There is going to be pushing and shoving, I am fine with those things. I understand that a defensive players job is to bring fear to the offense. But one must have the understanding that that is another human being under that helmet and there is no need to go after another player after the whistle has blown! James did nothing to provoke such a ludicrous attack Fairley should have been thrown out of the game.

It wasn't just Fairley (though he does have a history for such things) doing such actions, another Auburn player kicked a downed Duck in the back and there are countless more examples of excessive violence from this year in college football. Actions like these are going to continue if something isn't done, players are going to recieve unneccesary injuries. The NCAA needs to step up and enforce its core value of "The highest levels of integrity and sportsmanship."