One More Game in January

As I was watching Utah get dismantled by TCU yesterday, it hit me just how unfair the BCS system was! I have always been a proponent of a playoff system in college football, it's really the simplest thing to make the game better. It's the year 2010 people, we should have a playoff system by now! In my ideal world there would be an eight team playoff, each major conference champion getting a spot, plus two "wild-card/at-large" teams. Yesterday though, I realized that even a "plus one" playoff system would suffice.

Why? Because there is no doubt in my mind that we are going to need it this year more than ever! And who are we going to need it for? Boise State. Yes, I said it. I want to see Boise State, the same Boise State I despise, have a chance at a national championship.

Here is how I see it breaking down: Auburn will eventually lose to Alabama or in the SEC Championship. While Oregon, TCU and Boise State are all going to run the table, and finish undefeated for the regular season. And if the BCS doesn't change, as I believe it won't because Boise State doesn't have enough high quality opponents remaining to push them ahead, it will be TCU/Oregon in the national championship.

This bothers me for one big reason. Boise State beat both of those teams last year! Both TCU and Oregon! Sure it's a different season, but not really a different team for the Broncos. Nearly all of there key players from last year have returned and I definitely feel that they can beat either of those two teams again. So that's it, they need there chance and they aren't going to get it because of some computer system.

There was a Nike ad that called for a plus one game a couple of years back, having brackets of two winners from bowl games meeting against one another saying "Just do it." This year, throw out all the rules and regulations that the NCAA, BCS and those stingy college presidents impose. If you really want to call yourself a champion, Oregon/TCU/Boise State, you better be the last undeafeted team out there! Play that extra game. Pretty sure our friends at Nike and ESPN would be more than willing to foot the bill.