Miracle in Miami? Nah, just Milsap in Miami!

Down by as many as 22 at one point in the game the Jazz and their fans were sure a loss was in store to Lebron James and the Miami Heat on the first game of their Eastern Conference road trip. That was until Paul Millsap caught fire from three-point! A man who had only knocked down two triples in his entire NBA career, made THREE in less than 30 seconds! With only four seconds left in regulation and the Jazz down by two points, here is the live reaction from my house...

Who else but Paul Millsap would tip it in to send the game to OT?! Unbelievable performance by this man. He is turning into quite the leader. What a start to the road trip as the scrappy Jazz went on to win by two in overtime with Deron Willams fouled out on the bench. And then to come back from 18 down to Orlando and win tonight the road trip is already a success. I personally thought we would win one of the four games. Hopefully there are even more surprises from this unheralded 2010-2011 Jazz team as the season goes on.