Then It Began to Rain

Saturday morning... no work, no school, just sports all day! The Aggie homecoming game at 3 followed by the Phillies in game six of the NLCS. The forecast had called for a storm, but as kick-off for the football game approached it was a mild 60 degrees outside, everything in my sports world seemed just fine.

Looking a little shaky on offense and defense the team allowed Hawaii the first touchdown. Soon though, the Aggies looked like they had settled into the game and after a big scamper by quarterback Diondre Borel to tie the ball game up. Utah State had a chance at knocking off the Rainbow Warriors. Then the wind picked up, the temperature dropped sharply, it began to rain. It was like a sign from nature officially ending summer and the Aggie football teams hopes at a decent season. I don't believe an endless summer is possible, that's illogical. I just like to hope that the weather will stay good for as long as possible and I'll be able to enjoy that summer state of mind a little more. Kind of the same way I hope that Utah State will have a good football team. Summer teases me with nice days through September, the Aggies tease me with a few early season wins. But as the fall progresses, I realize some things just aren't possible.

It kept raining for the rest of the day, literally and figuratively, as I watched Ryan Howard strike out and my boys of summer, the Philadelphia Phillies, be eliminated from the playoffs. Sure it was a long shot to come back from being down three games to one, but I had hope. I mean these guys are good! Appearing in the last two World Series, I thought they could find the fight in them to make it back. Half my apparel is now out of style until April. I had little feeling like the hype on the team was just a little too much entering the series, it seemed as if every analyst was choosing the Phils. It's definitely possible the team overlooked the streaking Giant's and Phillie killer Cody Ross. Sad to see a whole season completed without a championship, but in the end, only one team can win.

Today, it is still raining.... The end of the week is looking sunny though, just in time for tip-off of the Aggie and Jazz basketball seasons. Seasons that could end in the sun!


  1. hey boyfriend,
    i know. i'm pretty sad about our cuddling plans having to be canceled this weekend -- BUT, you better believe i'm still going to make my way up to utah state sometime soon! ps - when are you going to make your way down to provo?!?! i have a room for you to stay in and everything!! haha

    and pss. is the byu/utah state basketball game in provo or logan this year??


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