Seventeen Years

Seventeen years ago I had not started kindergarten, this spring I will graduate from college. Seventeen years ago the internet was a novelty, now its rare to go more than a few hours without being online in some form. And until last night, seventeen years ago was the last time the Utah State Aggies had beat the BYU Cougars!

Last night was a great experience, maybe even better than beating BYU in basketball last December. Right now America is a football country and when you beat your rival that you haven't beat in almost two decades on national TV, it is kinda big deal! So yea, both the teams were 1-3 going into the game, but the Aggies aren't the team that is now 1-4 and that sure does feel good!
Aggie pride is everywhere right now. The restaurants were packed until the wee hours of the morning last night and the internet is abuzzing. Here is a little sampling of the mood in Logan and the rest of the west from some of my friends Facebook status's:

"And today was the day that the Aggies beat the YBU's in a little game we call football :)"

"BELIEVED. We did it. Finally. GO AGGIES!"

"AMAZING game...17 years in the making and we finally beat BYU. That's right...WE WON!!! Go Aggies!"

My buddy at the U, "PS, Utah State better storm the field!" oh we did!

"... I believe that WE JUST WON!!!!"

From a Boise State fan "Go Utah St. way to hand it to those cougars!!!!!"

"It seems like every frustration I have had in the last 6 months went away when I watched Utah State smash the Cougars, GO AGGIES!"

A friend at the Y, "I think my roommate and I cursed BYU Football with our non-LDS sins."

"YEAH!! GO AGGIES!! Put BYU in their place tonight!! :D"

From my anti-football sister who goes to Gonzaga: "AGGGIEEEESSS! heck yes. Go UTAH STATE FOOTBALL!!!!"

and finally one that sums it all up,

"It's a good day to be an Aggie :)"


  1. despite my heartache, this made me laugh. you know it's bad news for byu football when my dad decided to forfeit his football tickets for next weeks game -- aggies are just lucky that our qb was out at the start of the season :) but congratulations either way!

    and marcus i want to see this amazing bachelor pad of your guys' soon!


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