It's Phillies Time!

Baseball gets almost completely forgotten about in the month of September with the majority of teams being out of contention and the pro and college football seasons starting up. But come October, the sport is back in full swing. Eight teams, one goal. And I couldn't be more excited because through the forgotten month of September, my Philadelphia Phillies were the hottest team.

It's also nice to see some different teams in the playoffs this year with Texas and Cincinnati. The Rangers are the only team in MLB to never win a playoff series, while the Reds haven't been in the playoffs since 1995! Here are my predictions for the first round of the playoffs:

Rays vs. Rangers
Rays in 4

Twins vs. Yankees
Yankees in 4

Phillies vs. Reds
Phillies in 4

Giants vs. Braves
Giants in 5

I'll be wearing my Phillies shirts all week and hopefully all month!