Watch Your Words Boise State

Boise State is preparing to play its last season in the WAC and though the football season doesn't start for another month their is already controversy as the Broncos don't seem to be ones who like to maintain in-state rivalries.

"Why would we (go to Moscow)?" Broncos Coach Chris Petersen. "I don't think our fans even like to go up there. Most of Idaho's fans are in Boise anyway."

Boise State President Bob Kustra added, "I frankly don't care whether we ever play 'em (Idaho) again as long it goes. I don't see any reason to do it in Boise, but if somebody sees a reason to do it in Boise, fine.”

"It’s a culture that is nasty, inebriated and civilly doesn’t give our fans the respect that any fan should expect when visiting an away game," Kustra continued.

Really?! Have you ever been to one of your own football games? Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of good friends, who are good people and Boise State fans, but the two times Boise State has come to Logan to play my Aggies, Bronco Nation has been the "nasty, inebriated" culture that doesn't give even the home teams fans respect. If the people up in Moscow are as bad as Kustra says, it must be hell on earth and I highly doubt that. Florida and Florida State, Texas and Oklahoma, USC and UCLA, play each other every year and I am sure those fans are a lot worse to each other than some farm boys in Idaho are to each other. If you have read my blog before you know I am all for rivalries and tradition which makes me all against not playing this game! Yes, Boise State has won 11 straight games but Idaho is an up and coming team winning eight games last year. Overall BSU only holds a slight advantage at 21-17-1. Idaho continued to play BSU when the series was 17-10. So stop making excuses.

This whole ordeal is nothing out of the ordinary for the Broncos. In 1994 Boise State University made plans to move out of Division 1-AA's (now FCS) Big Sky Conference and into Division 1-A's (FBS) Big West Conference beginning in 1996. The team was off to a hot 6-0 start before coming into Holt Arena of Idaho State University. Two years earlier in 1992 the Bengals unvieled a play called the "Globe of Death," which led Idaho State only its 5th victory over the Broncos, and still had Bronco Nation upset. The game was dubbed by BSU officials as the "last visit to Pocatello."

Well as it stands, it was also the Broncos last lost in Pocatello. The Bengals had ended the Broncos perfect season in a 32-31 victory. Luckily for Boise State their run at a National Championship because of the playoff system in Division 1-AA. The loss to the Bengals was their only loss besides in the 1-AA National Championship.

So let it be that on November 12 in Moscow, ID if Boise State loses this time, the hopes of a national championship are out the door. Maybe Coach Pete and Pres. Kustra need to be a little more cautious before running their mouths or history just may be relived.