"King" putting on a Jesters Show

I hate the Los Angeles Lakers. I hate how they always win. I hate Kobe and his cocky attitude. And I hate Laker fans. Besides the New York Yankees there is no professional franchise I hate more.

That was until this last week, when LeBron James signed with the Miami Heat. I understand that LeBron needed to leave Cleveland because he didn't want to be "31 with bad knees and no championships." I just hate how he did it. A one-hour TV special to announce his decision, literally bringing many Cleveland fans to tears. Then to top it all off, a huge coming out party for the "Three Kings " in Miami. I would like a party like this next time I sign up for classes, before I ever receive an A, take a test, or even step foot in the classroom. Get what I am saying? At this moment the Heat don't have enough players signed to play a game much less win a championship. What else would we expect from a man who proclaims himself "King" with no rings though?

So if it comes down to it this next June and James and the Heat find themselves playing Bryant and the Lakers, it will be the only time I won't be chanting Beat LA.


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