The Pressbox 2010


Tomorrow morning at 8:40 a.m. my and I will tee-off in our ninth consecutive Pressbox 2-man Scramble & Bestball at Highland Golf Course.

As mentioned, we have played in this tournament ever year together since 2002. It was the first amateur golf tournament I ever played in and we didn't do so great. We sure had a good time though. By 2004 our games have improved and we won the third flight! In 2005 we took second in the second flight. We hit our peak performance in 2007 when we won the first flight by one stroke with a bird on the 36th and final hole.

2008 and 2009 were both dismal years in terms of weather and performance. The weather last year was so bad that we could only play one day! Hopefully tomorrow the weather, like the golf will be good!

(Scoreboard from 2007)


P.S. It is about time a blog named after a hole on a golf course started having posts about golf!