The Open Trip Review

(The Champion, McDowell)

It doesn't feel possible that I can already be back from California and the U.S. Open already. It was quite the trip from Pocatello to San Fransisco to Pebble Beach. I've had a couple days to think about the trip and a new champion has been crowned at the Open so here are some quick thoughts about my past week.

  • San Fransisco is my new favorite city. (If you haven't been there, go!)
  • Pebble Beach Golf Links is the prettiest place I have ever been to.
  • AT&T Park could be my new favorite ballpark.
  • A little dive of a town called Moss Landing between Santa Cruz and Monterrey could have the worlds best food. Phil's Fish Market and The Whole Enchilada, both so good!
  • Pebble Beach isn't quite as good as place to watch a golf tournament as Torrey Pines in San Diego is.
  • The prices for concessions and merchandise is ridiculous at the Open. But I guess that's what it takes to pay the $7.5 million purse.
  • It was quite neat to Tom Watson play golf in person!
  • My heart goes out to Dustin Johnson who blew the big lead today in the tournament.
  • It also goes out to amateur Morgan Hoffman, who plays for Oklahoma State in Stillwater, OK, who took a nine on hole 18 after hitting two balls in Stillwater Cove.
  • What happened to the killer instinct of Tiger? And what happened to Ernie and Phil? The tournament was theirs for the taking.
  • Congrats to Graeme McDowell! How cool is it to be the first European to win the U.S. Open in 40 years! I hope he keeps it going.. Golf needs some up and coming consistent pros.
Well that's it for now. I'm ready to go play some golf. I've still got that dream of playing in an U.S. Open someday! I think I might be able to break 100 on that course... ;)


  1. Nice little overview Marcus :) i liked. I can't believe that person took a 9 on hole 18, thats painful. Lets go live in California


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