LeBron's Twilight Saga

Last night, at midnight, many people were anticipating the release of the new Twilight movie. Tonight, at midnight, an event will take place that will eclipse any summer movie release. Tonight, at midnight, an event begins that may change sports forever. Tonight, at midnight, when the calender turns from June to July, the NBA free agent period begins!

It will be the breaking dawn for any team lucky enough to land LeBron James and other big names such as Carlos Boozer and Chris Bosh.

As I understand it, there are five teams seriously in contention for the services of Mr. James; the Caviliers, Bulls, Knicks, Nets, and Heat. Every day a new, news story breaks about how "it is certain Lebron will land at such and such a place with such and such people."

I honestly have no idea where he will go. It has to be hard to resist the temptations of the Big Apple and South Beach. I don't think Chicago is the place for Lebron though, the city is a rival with Cleveland and I do not believe LBJ could fill the shoes of MJ.

In Cleveland it would be as dark as a night with a new moon if Lebron leaves the Cavs. Knowing me at all, you know I am all for sticking with your hometown values. Saying that, my respect for James would significantly go up if he played until his twilight years with the Cavs, but it is not my decision.

So LeBron, whos team are you on?


  1. all i know is lebron is attractive and i think he should stick with cleveland!

  2. As LeBron's number one fan, I have high hopes he sticks with the Cavaliers, but my loyalty does run deep and I'll follow him wherever his career takes him! Long live King James :)


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