Day Trip to Denver

Yesterday my dad and I flew to Denver to watch our favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies, take on the Rockies.

We got into Denver a couple hours prior to game time, so after checking in the hotel, we started to walk around downtown. I knew it was going to be a good day when the first person I saw wearing a baseball hat wasn't wearing a Rockies hat, but a red hat, with a white P on it! He says to me, "I like your hat," as I was wearing a Phills hat too. I respond with a "Go Phillies!"

After exploring the city for a bit, we headed toward the stadium, bought some tickets from a scalper, and got inside the park in time to see the Phillies take some batting practice. To our sup rise there were tons of Phillies fans already there. It felt as if we were all friends in enemy territory. We stood next to a family with two adorable, toothless little girls. The players and grounds crew must have loved them too, as they kept coming over giving them b.p. balls and signing autographs. There is something indescribably cool about being at a major league ballpark with your dad, watching the games best goof off and have fun prior to game time.

To top it all off the game was great! Tied 5-5 in the top of the ninth, Ryan Howard was hit by pitch and subsequently scored before pinch hitter Ross Gload hit a three-run homer to seal the deal. Phillies win 9-5. It was a great game and a great day!