Return to the 12th Green

School will be out next week and I will be moving back home to Pocatello, back to the 12th green of Highland Golf Course. The green that this blog was named after. I am way excited for the change, I've been in Logan for 2o straight months. I'm really looking forward to being able to golf every evening and three good meals a day.

I've got some pretty cool trips planned as well. My dad and I will head to Denver next week to see the Rockies and Phillies play. We are headed to the U.S. Open in June and will attend a San Fransisco Giants game on our trip. And if I'm lucky I plan on squeezing a trip up to Seattle in too, to watch the Mariners. That will bring the total ballpark count up to seven!

Other things I'm really looking forward to this summer is the return of my friends home from their missions and playing golf with them, playing in the Pressbox golf tournament with my dad for the ninth straight year and watching my sister and her teammates at the high school state golf tournament.

All these things mean that there is going to be alot to blog about! There have been some changes to "The 12th Green" recently. I added a hit counter last week and have had over 180 hits from 43 unique visitors. It makes me happy to have people checking this out, and to keep people interested I've moved some things around, added advertisements, hopefully making the blog a little bit more fun. I'm also planning on recreating the "Ballpark Series" for this blog, not just simply talking about the games but rating the ballparks on categories i.e. family friendliness, location, historic value, overall experience. If you are reading this I really appreciate your time, it means a lot to me that you are reading my BS! I would love input on anything- blog posts, poll questions, topics to debate, layout!