Sons of Pitches

Top of the 6th inning.. Sons of Pitches are down by one run. An amazing comeback is brewing. The team scores 3 to take a 2 run advantage into the home half of the inning.

Bottom of the 6th.. Easy first out. Now at the plate the Lightning Thiefs big slugger. He hits a drive into the outfield for a double. A girl now up, hits a dribbler back to the pitcher. The runner on second fakes going for third causing a throw over to third base, runner stays on second... everyone safe! One out, runners on first and second. Now a guy at the plate. The pitch. The swing. And a drive over the outfielders heads for a three-run walk-off homerun to end the game and the Sons of Pitches chances at an intramural softball championship.

Oh so are the pains of intramural softball. It is sure a heck of a lot of fun though! And to be quite honest, nobody has as cool as name as us!


  1. haha. That is a pretty sweet name. It funny because it sounds a lot like something else. Good luck, i hope you win


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