Sometimes Less is More

This week, amid what has been one of the most exciting and fun to watch NCAA Tournaments that I can ever remember, the NCAA has been trying decided if they should expand the tournament from the current 65 teams to 96 teams, with each regions top eight seeds getting a bye. Now that's madness if you ask me! Why fix something that isn't broken! Here is why I don't like it!

1) The champion is already in the field of 65. The 31 teams that will be added will be middle of the road, average teams, only diluting the field.

2) The new format will replace the NIT. The NIT is a necessary tournament for young teams and gives them postseason experience of more than one game.

3) Giving teams a bye, gives them an advantage. More rested legs, more time to prepare and the teams will probably have the opportunity to watch the live game between the teams that they will be playing.

4) Takes away from conference tournaments and Selection Sunday. I like conference championship week almost as much as the NCAA tournament itself. Teams from bigger conferences having to make runs in their respective conference tournaments to get in Big Dance, the smaller conference schools leaving it all on the line knowing that this is their one shot to make it.

5) The NCAA Tournament will no longer be a reward for a good season. If there are 96 teams selected, this years mediocre North Carolina would have been in even with their 16-16 record.

Basketball analyst, Jay Bilas said that the tournament will be great either way, but expanding it will probably make it a little less great. Dick Vitale wishes the NCAA would come out and say this move is primarily for money reasons. And that's really what the move is for, the almighty dollar. Maybe the NCAA should realize the earning power of football playoff system and leave something that's as close to perfect as you can get in sports alone!

NCAA Expands March Madness To Include 4,096 Teams