Possible Prodigy

On Sunday I took my friend Ceed to the driving range. Ceed is from China and had never even swung a golf club before. We got to the range and I got him all set up. Had him do some practice swings and then allowed him to take a couple whacks at the first ball. It eventually scooted across the ground. Same with the second ball. I gave him a couple more tips and helped him move his arms on his back swing.

And then it happened. A ball struck so clean and crisp and had a beautiful flight through the air. A shot that would make any beginner addicted, a shot that will make Ceed want to be a golfer! The next shot was just as good.

I immediately thought I had a golf prodigy on my hands. I was about ready to quit college, become his golf coach, and start making millions. It was that amazing!

Well the thought didn't last long. Ceed probably got a little too excited and I probably over-coached a bit, as the rest of the bucket wasn't quite as good as the third and the fourth shots. But when it comes down to it, thats what why I love the golf, and why probably most golfers love golf, striving after those perfect shots... It was still a great time! We will get back out to the course soon and get the rest of the game down!