Lucky Numbers Seven

My two favorite basketball teams are both riding seven game winning streaks!

The Utah State Aggies (17-6, 7-2) have won seven conference games in a row to put them back on top of the WAC standings after dropping their first two games. It looks like this team is firing on all cylinders! I, and probably all other Aggie fans, have been really impressed by the play of the sharpshooting, hustler #12 Brian Green. Green has been giving the team a huge boost off the bench, coming in diving for loose balls and knocking down clutch threes. He rarely misses! But when he does another bench player in Brady Jardine has been there to put the ball in the hoop. Stew has definitely figured out a good rotation for this team and hopes of making the NCAA Tournament have been refounded.

The Jazz also have been hot as of late. They've won 11 of the last 12 with wins over teams like the Mavericks, Spurs, Suns, Blazers and Cavilers! This could be called the "Gaines" effect, because ever since Sundiata was called up, the team has been nearly unstoppable. The smile must be contagious.