Ready to be "Classless"

Max Hall, BYU's starting quarterback, called the whole University of Utah "classless." After tomorrow night, it is my hope that BYU's basketball team is saying the same thing about Utah State.

The Cougars haven't visited the Spectrum since they lost here on December 22, 2005.. Nearly four years ago! And since then, the Aggies haven't beat the Cougars in major collegiate sports(men's basketball and football). A lot of Y fans don't even consider the two in-state schools a rivalry.

Tomorrow night that comes to an end. No more will we be the little farm school, forgotten about way up north in Cache Valley. The players and fans will show what it means to be an Aggie, and that Utah State isn't just "the second choice for kid's who couldn't get into BYU." We have the best basketball atmosphere this side of the Mississippi, it is about time we got some respect from that school down south.

The 'Re'Spectrum is already heating up. It's time to restore the rivalry and show BYU just how "classless" we can be!

Prediction: A thrilling game on my 21st birthday, Aggies win 64-57


  1. May the best team win :)

    We shouldn't be proud of being classless! Come on!


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