Monday Night Miracle

It's weird how someone can get emotional about something they hardly have any control over. Yet last weekend, when I was on the verge of missing the playoffs in my fantasy football league, I truly was sad!

A mere month ago I was atop my league, on a three game winning streak and, in theory, a win away from clinching a playoff spot. Then my world, fantasy world that is, came crashing down. It was a perfect storm of poor management decisions, player suspensions, and facing good opponents!

With only the Monday night game remaining to be played of Week 14 of 2009 NFL season, my weeks fantasy game had already been determined. It would be my fourth straight loss, dropping my record to 6-6. The only way I could make the playoffs was through tiebreakers. And the only tiebreaker that was still a possibility for me was to have the Treemiesters defeat Team Searle. Yet the Treemiesters were down by two with only one player to play, while Searle had two remaining players including his consistent quarterback Kurt Warner.

I had considered my season over earlier that day, but as I watched highlights of the Cardinals and 49ers late Monday night, I saw a ray of hope. Somehow, someway the 49ers defense completely shut down Warner and and his receivers! All the while the 49ers and Treemiesters own Vernon Davis was piling up yards and scoring touchdowns! It truly was a monday night miracle, one Vernon Davis outscored two of Team Searle/Cardinal players! Not only did he outscore them, he outscored them enough to give the 'Meisters a win and me a playoff birth! I was ecstatic!

The playoffs start this week and are sure to bring me a whole lot of emotion again for something that I have absolutely no control over! And my first round opponent? Robbie Schaap's Treemiesters, the same Treemiesters who won allowing me to make the playoffs! Talk about irony... Irony that is only going to be intenstified if I win!