Bowling? Next Year!

It's that time of the year again. The Holidays. A time for family, friends, and meaningless college football games! As much as I hate the current system in place for the college football post-season, I would like to see the system continue (and I'm sure it will) for at least one more year. Why? Because I'd love to go watch a bowl game that the Aggies are playing in! (more on how I think the BCS should change in a later post)

The Aggies this last year finished with a 4-8 record, their best record since 2002. The Aggies were a mere two games away from a bowl qualifying record this year. Three times this year the Aggies lost by four points or less. Two of those three losses coming at the hands of bowl-bound teams, Nevada(32-35) and Fresno State(27-31). In all the Aggies played seven bowl teams this past year. They played respectably in each of those games.

There is no reason the Aggies can't be in a bowl next year. It is clear that Coach Gary Anderson has his team on the right track and with many star skill players returning, such as quarterback Diondre Borel and 1000+ yard, running back Robert Turbin, the Aggies should be a legitimate WAC contender.

It has been years since the program has been truly respectable; next year with the talent and coaching in place, the 2010 season should be a program changing year leading to a great decade of Aggie Football! See you in Albuquerque, Boise or maybe even Honolulu for the bowl game!


  1. I conquer I conquer.. go aggs. They should just let me do the coaching.. i'd get them to the Bowl for sure

  2. I mean I concur I concur..

    not I conquer. please don't tell anyone i did that


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