November 2

Last Week:
The Phillies are down 3-1 in the series, not what I had predicted or hoped for. Last nights game was ridiculous. Giving up three runs in the top of the ninth with two outs? Really, really?

A decent start to the season for the Utah Jazz. 1-1 after two games. I haven't had a chance to really watch them yet. The NBA season is so long as long as they don't totally blow it these first couple weeks everything should be alright.

The Denver Broncos finally lost. Pretty impressive that it didn't come until the seventh week of the season with a new coach and new quarterback. They'll get back on track this week.

The Aggie basketball team had there first preseason game on Friday. Largest and wildest crowd I have ever seen for an exhibition game. Overall the team looked good. (full review on the Ag's later)

Aggie football, more of the same. Sooner or later this team is
going to learn how to win!

What I'm watching and watching for this week:
World Series Game 5- Tonight, 6 p.m. FOX
This is it, the Phillies have to win the next three games. It's win or go home It's going to be hard, but not impossible. Hopefully I'll also be watching games six, seven, and the championship parade!

Utah Jazz vs. Houston 11/2, at Dallas 11/3, vs. San Antonio 11/5, vs. Sacramento 11/7
Too early in the season for any of the games to be super important. I would love to see them go 3-1 though!