The Memories

One of the best written sports articles I have read:
After 25 years of drought and two days of two much rain, Philadelphia is the city of champions again.

Don't worry it wasn't a dream. It really happened. You're wide awake and the Phillies really are World Series Champions. They beat the weather and the Tampa Bay Rays, four games to one, to earn just the title in franchise history.


There will be a championship parade tomorrow. It won't be in Boston. It won't be in New York City. It won't be in Los Angeles or Chicago, and it sure as heck won't be in St. Petersburg, Fla.

It will be down Broad Street, right under the approving gave of Mr. William Penn, right through the still-racing heart of Philadelphia.

You didn't dream it, and now it belongs to you forever. To you and your family and your friends and your hometown. The Phillies created the memories, and now you will always have them.

-Phil Sheridan, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Thursday Oct. 30, 2008. The day after the Phillies won the '08 Series.

The memories. The moment fades and all you have is the memory, in sports and in life. From that moment forward, all you want to do is make more memories; win one more championship, have one more good night. Last year the Phillies won, this year they lost. How sweet will it be when they win again! Things change, life goes on, but you will always have the memories. Enjoy them and get ready to make more!


  1. I love that attitude. And its so true.. focusing on the memories can be a really good thing. But we have to make new ones too :) Go Phillies. Go Marcus


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