The Idaho State Bungles

To work or act ineptly or inefficiently.
To handle badly; botch. n.
A clumsy or inept performance

After two hard road losses, the Aggies returned home and laid a beat down on the Idaho State Bengals 77-44. From the beginning the Ag's had control, and unlike the game against Northeastern, they never let the Bengals err Bungles back into it.

Being from Pocatello, I grew up watching the Bengals. They are the hometown team and I had to root for them. That being said I am an Aggie now and am happy that we completely destroyed them last night, but it still makes me a little sad to see the Bengals be so bad! Right now they really are Bungles, they are bad, inept and inefficient.

The Bengals have a lot to learn from us here at Utah State. They need to learn how to recruit- getting all of your players from Memphis is obviously not the right decision when a bunch of white boys from Utah beat you that handily. They need to learn that basketball is about playing as a team. They need to learn to have fun, it has got to be hard to lose that bad day after day. They need to get fans like ours. The boosters and students need to support their team, the team needs to show that they are worth supporting. Holt Arena could have a great basketball atmosphere with its lighted-up court and darkened seats. I'd like to see the Aggies and Bengals have a rivalry as the schools are only 90 miles away from each other. I don't know if any of these things are ever going to happen but I hope they do, it would be fun! As I have said before Utah State Basketball gets me through the winters, I want my friends in Pocatello to enjoy basketball like we do in Logan. But then again maybe they should just move to Logan!