The Aggies and Me: Oh-for-Three in SLC

Dec. 5, 2007- Huntsman Center- Utah 72, Utah State 48

Dec. 6, 2008- Energy Solutions Arena- BYU 68, Utah State 63

Nov. 18, 2009- Huntsman Center- Utah 68, Utah State 67

Three trips to Salt Lake City, three sad car rides back to Cache Valley. Thankfully, these are the only games I've ever seen the Aggies lose in person.

The game was quite sloppy last night. One can tell it is definitely early on in the season. The Aggies did have a chance right up until the end when the game ended in eerily similar way as the loss to Marquette in the NCAA Tournament Game.

At times I think losses can be good things, they make you appreciate the wins. They build character. Don't get me wrong still I hate seeing my team and my friends lose out there, but in the long run, this loss should make the team better. Lets hope so!

Overall last night was an eye opening experience for me as well. I realized that going to games isn't just about cheering on your team, it's about hanging out with good friends and having a good time. I got to see some good friends that I haven't seen in a really long time, it was great! And on a night I had all the reasons to be stressed out because of terrible Salt Lake traffic and being late to the game, I wasn't. Call it karma or whatever you want, but when we got to the ticket office a man approached us saying he had two extra tickets that we could use. So in the end it all worked out, we weren't there for the opening tip but we got to see the exciting end for free!

Anyways back to sports, it was the second game of the season. We were playing a Utah team who needed a win, on there home court, and without one of our best players in Pooh Williams. The weekend brings another tough road game in Northeastern and a chance for redemption. As always, Go Aggies!


  1. Gah! Seriously... Lame. But I'm glad if we have to have a loss that it's this early. Get it out of our system ;)It'll be good though. We can't get too over confident right? haha

  2. Love the rhyming title! :) Yes....that's right I'm reading your blog!


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