Thoughts and Hopes on the 2009-2010 Utah Jazz

With the Jazz opening their season tomorrow night, the same big question that arises year after year comes up; will this be the year for they finally get a championship?!

I hope so, but in all honesty I doubt this will be the year. There are just too many question about the team. I love the Jazz and will be along for the whole ride but after last season it's hard to tell what we really have. D-Will will bring his game but what about everybody else?

  • Boozer. Will he keep his mouth shut and play good basketball that includes playing defense and rebounding?

  • Will the Jazz stay healthy? Korver and Miles are both already hurt they can't afford another injury.

  • Are they one team or are they a bunch of guys playing ball in contract year?

Right now it's just hard to tell. We really won't know what the team is made until after the big eastern road trip in couple weeks when they take on the Cavs and Celtics. Last year they started off hot going 6-0 until that trip where they dropped four of five games against teams not near as elite.

But maybe, just maybe, this year will be the year though. The Jazz will be a dominate team all season. They'll beat the Rockets, Spurs, and Lakers in the playoffs for some sweet revenge. And then be the team nobody wants to see win as they take down the Lebron and the rest of the Cavs in the Finals. There will be a huge parade on a warm summer's day in downtown Salt Lake City and the governor will declare it a state holiday. It'll be a week long party, fans will be dancing in streets. And most importantly Jerry Sloan will get his title. Maybe, just maybe.

Go Jazz!