My Love of Sports

I never thought I would be a blogger but for one of my business classes I was required too. Ever since I started it all I really wanted to do is talk about sports on it, not business!

So here it is, my blog on everything sports- The traditions and the rivalries. Eating hot dogs at the game. Watching the unbelievable. The Philadelphia Phillies. Seeing people at their best and their worst. The smell of freshly cut grass on a golf course. Getting the chills when the whole crowd is cheering in unison. Aggie Sports and The Scotsman. Intramural flag football on the quad. The Utah Jazz. The feeling of winning after years of defeat. Talking to complete strangers because they have your favorite teams shirt on... Playing, watching, and discussing. I love it all! And here is my attempt to pass my love on to you!


  1. I think its a great idea.. I love how passionate you are about sports. Even though I can't relate (except maybe with golf?) But if you could pass your love of basketball and football on to me like you say you're attempting.. that would be a serious miracle! Because to tell you the truth... the scotsman is the only reason I go to the games up here. haha


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